5 Reasons to Choose a Slate Roof

slate roof

When constructing a new roof or looking into roof replacement for your home, you will need to determine which type of material will be used. While asphalt shingles are an extremely common and budget-friendly option for homeowners, a roofing contractor knows that there are many advantages to choosing a slate roof instead. From their low maintenance requirements to their unique beauty, there is plenty to love about these types of roofs and what they add to a property.

Below, we have listed 5 Reasons to Choose a Slate Roof so that you can learn more about the material for yourself and make a decision that is right for you and your home. 

1. Slate Roofs Are More Durable than a Shingle Roof

Slate is an incredibly durable material, especially when compared to asphalt shingles. While you will have to pay more upfront when you first install them, this investment means that you will not have to replace them ever again. Slate shingles can last well over 100 years, whereas asphalt shingles would likely need to be replaced at least twice in that amount of time. 

Their durability also means that slate roofs require far less maintenance than a typical roof. Slate shingles break, erode, detach, and crack much less frequently than asphalt, so you will find yourself spending less time working on your roof and more time enjoying your beautiful home without stress. Once installed, your new roof is going to stay functional, beautiful, and easy to take care of for years and years to come. 

2. Slate Roofs Can Increase the Value of Your Home and its Attractiveness to Buyers

Homes with slate roofs can be sold at a much higher value than homes with asphalt shingle roofs. Home buyers are attracted to the beauty that natural slate adds to a property, so this type of roof really allows a home to stand out in today’s competitive housing market. 

Thanks to slate’s durability and longer-than-usual lifespan, the homes value will also increase because prospective buyers know that they will not need to replace the roof at any time after they purchase the home. 

3. Slate Roofs Can Be More Aesthetically Appealing than a Shingle Roof

Asphalt shingle roofs are the go-to when it comes to home construction because of their affordability and ease of installation. Because they are so common, however, they don’t exactly stand out or add any type of unique beauty to the property. Slate roofs, however, add something to the home that can’t be achieved with any other material. 

The natural stone material comes in several different earth-toned colors that can be mixed and matched to add a unique quality to your home’s roof. These types of shingles have been thought of as beautiful and elegant for hundreds of years, and their aesthetic value doesn’t change over time. Thanks to slate’s durability, the shingles will not fade or erode overtime, so they keep their attractive appearance for years to come. 

4. Slate Roofs Are Fire, Ice, and Mold Resistant

Because slate is such a durable and natural stone material, it is resistant to far more elements than an asphalt shingle roof. The slate shingles handle extreme temperatures quite well without becoming damaged or changing in appearance. They are resistant to both fire and ice, keeping your roof and home safe from damage in the event of extreme weather or emergency. 

In addition, slate roofs are also moisture and mold resistant. Asphalt shingles absorb moisture over time, allowing for mold to become trapped underneath them and spread over the top of the home, causing sometimes permanent damage. Slate shingles, however, never absorb moisture and do not allow for mold growth.

5. Slate Roofs Are Environmentally Friendly

Roofs and roofing materials, like asphalt shingles, that need to be replaced frequently make up a large percent of construction waste. Ripping the shingles from a home every 20 years to replace them with new ones means that a lot of roofing materials are sitting in landfills and piling up by the day. 

This is not an issue for slate shingles, however, which will not need to be replaced for over 100 years. Additionally, slate is a natural stone resource and far easier on the environment than shingles that are man-made. 

If you are building a brand new home or are looking into roof replacement for your existing property, then contact us to schedule a free estimate today for your new slate roof. The investment is well worth it, and your home will certainty stand out among others. You will love the durability, beauty, low-maintenance requirements, and longevity of this natural roofing material. Put your home and your investment in the hands of a roofing contractor who knows how much this means to you.