5 Tips to Help Extend The Life of Your Commercial Roof

Today, business owners and property managers in the Greater Winston-Salem Area frequently seek ways to help maintain the useful lifespan of roofs. As an experienced local commercial roofer, Crossover Roofing possesses expertise in this field. We recommend taking five helpful steps to ensure a customer optimizes the value received from commercial roofing services.

About Commercial Roofs

First, it seems important to mention that commercial roofs require adequate liability insurance protections. Tiles or debris falling from a residential rooftop potentially subject a homeowner to damage claims if accidents occur, of course. Yet maintaining adequate insurance protections serves as an especially important consideration for many businesses. For example, think about how many people visit your commercial property on a typical day. Prioritizing safety (including roof safety) is not just recommended, but is critical for your customers and employees alike.

Second, property owners and managers usually discover benefits in budgeting annually for building maintenance and repair costs. Taking this step helps ensure commercial premises receive ongoing care and attention. It helps reduce the chance of unexpected repair bills disrupting a carefully developed long term business plan.

5 Helpful Commercial Roofing Tips

Consider using some of these ideas to help keep a business roof in great condition. Reducing the opportunity for costly roof damage to arise benefits enterprises of every size:

1) Select a Reputable Full-Time Commercial Roofing Contractor

Choosing an experienced, licensed, and fully insured roofing contractor assists commercial customers in North Carolina. It makes sense to interview roofers with the training and skills required to evaluate and repair a variety of different roofs. Finding a commercial roofer willing to meet with clients and/or their insurance representatives proves important. A skilled roofing contractor should not hesitate to help customers document problems requiring repair or replacement services.

2) Request Regular Roofing Inspections

Additionally, businesses in the Winston-Salem region benefit by requesting regular, routine, roof inspections. In many situations, a damaged roof continues to experience deterioration over the course of time. By scheduling a comprehensive inspection are periodic intervals, managers enjoy a better opportunity to request the performance of essential minor maintenance projects.

Taking this step helps optimize a roof’s anticipated lifespan. It ensures companies don’t waste money replacing roofs prematurely. A failure to undertake key roof repairs before significant roof damage occurs proves expensive over the long term.

3) Obtain Additional Inspections Following Severe Weather Events

Business managers should also consider requesting timely roof inspections in the aftermath of severe weather events. It proves important to find a commercial roofer willing to schedule rapid inspections for business customers during these busy periods. In some cases, high winds transport tree branches and other debris onto rooftops. These materials may eventually fall to the ground, damaging property or pedestrians. Requesting rapid inspection services enables companies to address the problems caused by rooftop debris rapidly.

Additionally, harsh storms in this region sometimes create extensive damage to roofs. An insurance company typically requires an insured roofer to submit claims within designated time frames. Complying with these requirements often proves critical in receiving compensation for significant losses, such as total or partial roof replacement due to extensive hail damage. By obtaining prompt inspection services, businesses enjoy a much better chance to determine (and document) the actual condition of commercial rooftops following unanticipated storms. They don’t inadvertently miss important claim submission filing deadlines.

4) Seek Roof Repair Services in a Timely Manner

Of course, commercial enterprises also discover advantages in finding qualified roofers capable of furnishing swift roof repair services. Some roofing contractors focus exclusively upon new construction, or roof replacement. Yet repairing common roof damage may enable a customer to optimize the lifespan of a commercial roof in many circumstances.

For a variety of reasons, it proves imperative to maintain roofing systems in a watertight condition. Loose flashing or a small leak in a business roof may rapidly expand in scope during the course of weeks and months. By keeping their premises in good repair, companies increase the benefits they obtain from realty ownership.

5) Ensure Contractors Adhere to Best Safety Practices

Finally, it helps businesses of every size to ensure they use the services of roofing contractors who adhere to best industry practices. Roofers often work at high elevations. These firms must comply with important safety requirements.

Adhering to these protocols ensures a roofing contractor conducts construction and repair activities without endangering anyone. Roofing firms that charge significantly lower prices than competitors should concern commercial customers. The bottom line: a roofer who fails to adhere to important OSHA guidelines cannot really serve the best interest of its business customers.

Investing in Attractive Commercial Roofs

Enterprises across Winston-Salem and outlying areas value the excellent level of customer service supplied by Crossover Roofing. Our company provides swift, expert commercial services to assist business ventures of all sizes. We possess an extensive background installing and repairing asphalt shingle, metal, and slate roofs for customers.

We offer reasonable, competitive rates. Crossover Roofing welcome the opportunity to submit bids for larger roofing projects. Contact us online or by calling 336-804-5058 today!