6 Benefits of Choosing a HAAG-Certified Roofer

Your roof is an important part of your home. An unreliable roof may be inadequate at preventing you, your loved ones, and the valuables within the house from aggressive environmental factors.

While many people opt to tackle roof related issues on their own or outsource it to fly-by-night roofing contractors to save money, this practice may have some serious consequences. Inadequate roof maintenance can predispose other parts of your home to damage, and that may ultimately lead to a higher cost of repair. Service from the right professionals can, however, make your roof-related projects run smoothly. Below we have highlighted some of the benefits of choosing a HAAG –certified roofer to work on your roof.

1) They Offer Excellent Roof Maintenance Solutions

HAAG-certified contractors are highly skilled in all aspects of roof repair and maintenance. They gain intensive knowledge in roof manufacture, installation, maintenance, weathering, and repair of the multiple roof-types through training and experience. They can conduct thorough inspections and suggest the appropriate solutions to multiple types of roof damages, such as hail and wind damage. If you are experiencing any problems with your roof, we suggest choosing a HAGG-certified roofer to restore it to the best condition.

2) Credibility

Another great advantage of working with a HAAG-certified roofer is the level of credibility that they offer. The values of trustworthiness and reliability are instilled in them before they are issued with the certification. Insurance companies also recognize this distinction and are likely to compensate for a report presented by a HAAG certified roofer without a fuss.

3) Accurate Damage Inspection

HAAG-certified roofers are renowned for their precision when it comes to assessing hail and wind damage to your roof. HAAG-certified roofers are capable of conducting a comprehensive inspection of your roof after a major storm. They are able to spot any damages that you may not have noticed and other underlying issues that can cause further damage to your house. Through many years of experience, Crossover Roofing’s HAAG-certified roofers have gained experience in applying roof area calculations, inspection safety, and other applicable codes to ensure that they leave your roof in the best state. Additionally, they offer a detailed report after the inspection and advice on the appropriate repair or replacement solutions.

4) They Are Proficient

If you choose a HAAG-certified roofer, you can be assured of pure proficiency on the job. These professionals have acquired not only adequate training but also have in-depth backgrounds in this field. They know how to apply all the modern technologies and advanced practices to roof installation, repair, and replacement. Additionally, they use the most contemporary pieces of roofing equipment in the market in their operations. Safety is also a priority when undertaking a roofing job, as well.

5) They Offer Warranties

Roof installation, repair, or replacement can be quite costly. That is why it is essential to work with a company that can offer you a warranty. Fortunately, companies that have HAAG certified contractors also offer rock-solid warranties to their customers. Securing a reliable warranty ensures that you do not have to be anxious in anticipation of any problems that may arise in your roof system at a later date. If you notice any fault in the service, all you need to do is call the contractor back, as per the terms of the warranty.

6) Securing Your Assets

The roof is an essential part of your house’s architecture. It plays a vital role in assessing the overall value of your property. The choice you make when it comes to a roofing contractor can, therefore, play a vital role in either increasing or decreasing this value. Houses with high-quality roofs that have been installed, repaired, or replaced by a HAAG-certified roofer are not only more attractive but are also of higher value than those that are roofed by amateurs.

About HAAG Certification

HAAG is a set of courses that are taught by forensic engineers who are in practice. It is classified into three parts, Residential, Commercial, and Roof Damage courses. The residential course involves training on the inspection, installation, and repair of sloped roofs, which are common in residential establishments. In this course, certain roof compositions such as tile, metal, wood, fibre cement, and slate are covered.

The commercial course, on the other hand, covers damage assessment on flat roofing systems, which are typical to commercial buildings, and the various materials used. The damage course covers damage assessment to both the roof and the whole building. It includes the study of the basic characteristics of tornadoes, hail formation, wind, hurricanes, and thunderstorms. A combination of such knowledge and skills leaves HAAG-certified contractors with the adequate skills that are necessary for working on a roof system.

HAAG-certified roofers are knowledgeable in weather characteristics, safety inspection, calculating the roof area, and following the codes and standards set by the industry. They are also well-conversant with the major materials that are used in both residential and commercial roof systems. They have acquired advanced techniques that are essential for assessing the condition of the roof and the entire building after certain events such as a wind or hail storm. They are competent in both roof maintenance and roof repair. If you are encountering any issues with your roof system, contact us at Crossover Roofing to schedule a free estimate.