Buying a Home? Know What to Look for in a Roof

Are you looking forward to buying the home you have always wanted? Before you close on a house, it’s important to ensure it meets various standards. We often prioritize the importance of the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, home location, and the backyard in our search. It’s also important to inspect the roof and other systems throughout the home to understand their age and condition. This can help determine reliability and unanticipated costs for maintenance and repairs. The roof is one of the most essential parts of a home and it’s important to know the condition before you purchase a house.

A faulty rooftop can have genuine repercussions concerning the house’s integrity, putting both the belongings and occupants in danger. An ideal approach to prevent any damages and guarantee safety is by going with an expert rooftop inspector.

Examine for breaks and leaks

Your home’s rooftop is the main line of protection against heavy rains. A roof with leaks not only creates a mess and safety hazard, but it can lead to damaged structure, floors, and furniture. When a leaking roof starts, it can be difficult to trace the cause of the leak. The true leak often isn’t where it appears, which can be frustrating for a homeowner.

It takes a capable roofer to lead a comprehensive leak assessment and analysis since the liquid’s entrance point might be far from where the leak visually starts in your ceiling. Be sure to look for water stains in the ceiling when looking at homes, as this can be a sign of where water has seeped through the roof and ceiling and since evaporated.

Know the age of the roof

Ensure the rooftop is entirely level, and there are no wavy edges or lumps. A significant factor to search for in a roof is to validate if it is free from mold. Check for dead spots and confirm if any shingles are absent. If you’ve seen such deformations in the rooftop, it demonstrates that the roof may be well past due for a replacement. A roof inspection can help determine the age of your roof and determine if it has influenced the integrity of the home in question.

When you’re thinking about buying a home, ensure you ask for the roof’s age. The older the roof, the more likely it will require a roof repair or replacement in the near future.

Knowing when a roof was installed (and what it’s made of) offers insight into how much life it has left. For instance, a typical asphalt shingle roof lasts 20 to 25 years, while a roof installed over an existing layer of shingles should be replaced after 20 years. Metal roofs can last 40-70 years. A slate roof can last as long as 200 years.

Check the ventilation system

With a ventilation system that isn’t working properly, your rooftop’s temperature can be felt inside your loft throughout the summer, causing it to feel like a boiler that warms your whole house. Appropriate ventilation can enhance air circulation, releasing the heat, thereby making each room equally pleasing. A shady ventilation system can result in various issues, including raising the expense of your service bills and encouraging mold to form. Besides, the heat can saturate your home, making the house less comfy and causing your cooling system to run consistently.

Ensure quality metal roof fasteners are installed properly

It takes a professional roofer to recognize various minor roofing issues before they develop to be critical fixes. An appropriately installed rooftop can last for quite a long time and improve a home’s structure.

Metal rooftop clasps may appear to be small. However, they grasp the rooftop together. They are a critical piece of the metal roofing framework. If the fasteners are not functioning, the metal rooftop turns out to be increasingly susceptible to leaks and harm.

The fasteners should be long-lasting since fastened rooftops have exposed clasps. The weak quality clasp will easily rust, regardless of whether you paint them. With time, the rust will move down into the rooftop panel and develop a hole that can lead to leaks.

Proper drainage

Barely any attributes are as essential to rooftop performance as drainage. Water remaining on a rooftop improves the probability of leaks and dampness invasion.

Poor drainage additionally quickens the disintegration of roofing materials, prompting a shorter existence of the whole rooftop. Leaves and waste regularly stop or hinder rooftop drains, preventing proper drainage and allowing water to remain stagnant. Routine cleaning of rooftops can help expel such obstacles and allow water to drain successfully, consequently decreasing leaks’ probability.

Determine whether the roof has a warranty

Reputable roofing companies often offer a warranty on an installed roof for a set number of years after initial installation. If you are considering purchasing a home, ask if the roof has a warranty and to see it in writing. The warranty should specify whether it is transferable to future owners of the home.


Being in the market for a new home is an exciting, but overwhelming time. In addition to ensuring a home checks all your boxes, don’t forget to also inspect the roofing system. This can help determine hidden costs and prevent headaches down the road. Whether you’re looking for a roof inspection, repairs, or total replacement, Crossover Roofing does a first-rate job no matter how small or large the task may be. 

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