Preparing Your Home For a Roof Replacement

A modern roofing system is an efficient and effective way of protecting your household against natural elements such as rain and wind. Besides that, it is also an ideal long-term investment that will make your home functional, efficient, and safer place to dwell in.

Setting the date and arranging all roof replacement details with your roofing contractor is not the end of your roof replacement procedure. It would be best to do certain things before the roofing contractor kicks off the replacement procedure to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible.

Preparing your roof for replacement is vital since it makes the process easier for the roofers, your family, and you.

Organizing your Triad home’s exterior

Your home will be an active worksite during your roof replacement. Since roofers will be removing the old roofing materials, you’ll want to make some preparations to reduce the chance of any of this debris from falling and damaging your belongings.

Remove the Cars

Relocating your cars away from your garage and driveway is vital for two key reasons. First, removing the vehicles will prevent any scratches or potential damage to the cars. And second, it will create room for the roofers’ trucks to offload and load the shingles and debris quickly.

Prune the Trees and Cut the Grass

Although the roofers will always ensure that the worksite is clean and tidy, there will be occasions that there will be some nails, debris, and dust falling on the ground. Hence, the roofers will clean the area quickly and faster when the grass is cut short. And if there are trees with overhanging branches, it will be best to cut them off to give the roofers safe and clear access to the roof.

Clear your Patio Furniture and Toys

To access the roof from every corner, roofers will be required to walk around your property. You should ensure that items around your property are 20-foot away from the working site. You should put all toys and other belongings in the garage or shed and wrap them up with a tarp. And if you have a permanent pavilion, it’s best to take it down or tie its curtains up.

Clear the Garden

Inspect your garden, remove what you can see from the garden, and put them in a safe location. This might include mosaic stepping stones, solar-powered lights, potted plants, statues, wind chimes, water fountains, and birdhouses. Remember, a falling shingle can cause a lot of damage to such delicate things.

Organizing the Interior of your Wilmington, NC home

Although there will be no active work going around your home’s interior, you must prepare your interior to prevent potential damages from falling debris and dirt. Below are some essential things to consider:

Removing wall decorations

Vibrations will shake your walls during the roof replacement process. These vibrations originate from hammering and can affect the walls of your home, especially those neighboring the roof. Hence, to prevent any objects from falling, you should temporarily take them down before the replacement kicks off. This includes paintings, framed photos, ornaments, and mirrors.

Protect and clear the attic

The attic is always located below the roof. While replacing the roof, you should always expect debris, dirt, and vibrations to always affect your attic, especially during the hammering process. Therefore, you must remove all fragile and valuable items away from the attic during the replacement period to protect them. Remember to cover the attic with an old sheet or a tarp to protect the remaining space and its things.

Take Care of Fragile Items

Remember to remove or relocate or fragile items located in the cupboard on the walls, such as vases, plates, and glasses. And most importantly, ensure that they are not touching each other or the wall.

Know Whether you Want to Relocate to Another Premises Temporarily or Stay

Depending on the scope, size, and type of project, the replacement process can last from one to several days. Hence, you can opt to stay or relocate to a hotel or friend’s house if you want to evade the noise disruption.

Communicate with Your Roofer

During the replacement period, you must keep in touch with your roofing company before the process starts. Ask the roofing company if they have recommendations that can make the process smoother for you and your family. This will help keep your property safe and will speed up the replacement process. For additional information or any other questions, contact Crossover Roofing to schedule a free estimate.