Preparing Your Roof for Fall and Winter

As the colder air sets into Winston-Salem, you may get excited to wear your favorite plaid shirt and nibble on pumpkin-flavored goodies. These are fun ways you get ready for the season, but, as a homeowner, there are a few steps you must consider for your home. Your home is your most significant investment and needs preparation for the increased debris and moisture that comes in fall and winter. Here are the ways you can get that done.

Remove Broken, Loose Materials

The colorful leaves of fall are beautiful to see except when they gather on top of your home. Leaves, along with twigs, acorns, and other items blown by strong winds, can collect on your roof. If they do not get removed promptly, the precipitation caught underneath can decay the roofing material. Along with this, these items can gather in your gutters and cause them to clog. The resulting effect is damage to the siding and trim.

The best way to prevent this damage from happening to your home is by clearing away the debris from the roof and gutters. This cleaning cannot happen just once; it must be a continual event you complete throughout the fall and winter. If getting it done seems overwhelming, do not be afraid to get professional assistance. A knowledgeable roofing contractor will have the experience and equipment to complete the job safely and promptly.

Examine For Weakened Areas

The time you spend on your roof gives you a chance to do a visual inspection for damage. You want to avoid climbing on the rooftop to examine it. Instead, use binoculars to peek at it or glance at it from a secured ladder. Slowly look over the area to see if there are damaged, cracked, or missing shingles. Also, take note of spaces that sag and notice if there are cracks around vents, skylights, or the chimney. Your roof may need mending, or it could be time for a roof replacement.

If you have not performed installation or roof repair work on a roof before, this can also be the best time to call a roofing contractor. This properly trained technician understands what to look for and will be able to search more thoroughly. Any time or fees you put into a professional inspection can save you much more by preventing costly damage from occurring.

Consider Your Insulation And Ventilation

Although the areas on your roof are a crucial part of protecting your home, it is also necessary to consider the spaces underneath it. Within your attic, insulation should be effective in keeping the heat within your house. If it does not stop the heat from escaping, ice and snow will melt and rot your roof. Also, you will need to ensure that there is proper ventilation in the attic so that moisture is not trapped inside. Sufficient airflow will prevent internal decay and keep the attic cool, which lessens the chance of melted snow on the roof.

Properly evaluating your attic can involve spotting sites where air leaks out, ensuring the attic access door closes snugly in place, and searching for dampness and breakdown within the existing insulation. The best way to get this done is by allowing a roofing contractor to evaluate the space. They can immediately let you know what needs to get addressed, which is especially helpful in the fall. Making a roof repair or a roof replacement before the winter will be more convenient to you, allow lower utility costs, and hinder a disruption while dealing with heavy snow.

Hang Holiday Decorations Carefully

The fall and winter seasons can be your favorite time to pull out decorations for the exterior of your home. These can be an attractive way to celebrate the holidays but can cause additional roof damage if not handled correctly. Rather than using staples or nails, which can create holes in the roof, try special clips instead. Typically these brackets are available for use on gutters or eaves. Also, make use of lighter weighted décor rather than placing heavy items on your roof.

With all of the embellishments to spruce up your home, a well-maintained roof will make it look the best. If you have a limited amount of free time or do not think you can create the design you imagined, bring in professional help. You may not realize that a skilled roofing team will help with holiday decorations, but they are quite good at it. They can help you achieve the look you want without compromising your safety or causing damage to any part of your property.

Prepare Your Roof for Fall and Winter Right Away

It is easy to see why autumn is the favorite season for most people. Fall and winter are wonderful times for residents of Winston-Salem. Preparing your home for these colder months will allow you to have fun with family and friends without expensive and troublesome issues popping up. Contact our team at Crossover Roofing to get an inspection right away. We will discuss the condition of your roof with you and provide the best service for roof repair or a roof replacement.