Risks of Not Installing Drip Edge – Why It Is So Important

The drip edge is a metal piece that runs along the lower edge of a roof. Its purpose is to divert any water that might be on the roof during rain storms, and keep it from going down under the shingles or into your home. The first step in protecting your home from leaks is to install a drip edge correctly. Installing an incorrect one can lead to major problems such as rotting of framing and carpentry inside your attic, structural damage, mold and mildew growth, and even worse—a loss of property value! If you are considering building a new home, upgrading an existing one, or buying an older one, then there are some really good reasons why you should insist on drip edge as part of the construction process. In this blog post we will discuss how drip edge can help reduce your risk for damage and costly repairs in the future!

What is a Roof Drip Edge?

As we mentioned earlier, the roof drip edge is a metal piece that runs along the lower edge of your property’s roof. The purpose of the drip edge is to prevent water damage from occurring to your home by redirecting any water from rainstorms and other bad weather away from your home.

Types of Drip Edges

There are several different types of drip edges and your professional roofer will be able to identify what makes the most sense for your roof.

There are three main types of drip edges:

Hemmed drip edge or D-Metal: A hemmed drip edge also called D-metal or T-Style, has an opened hemmed edge at the bottom of the flashing that folds backward toward the house. It uses capillary action to keep water moving downward and ultimately keeping water away from the fascia more effectively. Hemmed drip flashings are primarily used for standing seam and metal roofing.

L-Shaped Drip or L-Style: This drip edge has a classic L shape bent at 90 degrees and a shorter flange at the bottom. It is typically used with lower incline roofs and is the most simplistic and short design.

F-Style or Gutter Apron: The F-style, also called the gutter apron, is similar to the L-shape but has a longer leading edge. It drips farther away from the existing roof and often over the gutter (hence the name).

Why Should You Invest in a Drip Edge for Your Roof?

Regardless if you are installing new roofing or repairing an existing one, it is important to invest in a drip edge for your roof. Drip edges can save money and minimize risks of future damage to the home from leaks. Drip edges do this by preventing water from leaking into the fascia boards and downspouts.

Here are some of the many reasons why drip edge is so important and why you want to make sure your roofer doesn’t forego the installation process:

Covers Gaps

Drip edge covers any gaps that may exist between the fascia and your roof. This keeps water from entering your roof’s foundation. It also helps to prevent insects and small animals from entering the space.

They Safeguard the Edges of Your Home

Your roof’s drip edge protects the edges of your deck or patio from water damage. Keeping unnecessary water drippage away from your home’s exterior and foundation means saving you money in future repairs and helps provide protection and longevity.

They Extend the Life of Your Roof

Protecting your roof and roofline from unnecessary water damage and erosion increases the lifespan of your roof and extends the amount of time it would otherwise be required to replace. Not only does it safeguard the roof and edges of your home, but it prevents the build-up of dirt and algae which can cause rotting.

They Provide Extra Winter Protection

Snow and ice from the winter weather can really take a toll on your roof. With roof flashings and drip edge, you have extra protection during the winter months. Snow and ice are hard on your roof.

They Improve Gutter Performance

With the assistance of the drip edge, water moves more easily into the gutter and maintains a continuous flow. This means your gutters get to do their job more efficiently and effectively.

It also helps means less clogging of the gutters because the water will help keep things moving along. That means less time spent cleaning the gutters on your home!

Use Crossover Roofing For All Your Roofing Needs

As you can see, drip edge is a very important component of a new roof. Make sure that your roofer doesn’t take shortcuts to save time or money in your roof replacement. When you need a roofer you can trust, contact Crossover Roofing. We offer free estimates on your roof replacement or next home project!