Roof Damage and Insurance Claims: What You Need to Know

The last thing any homeowner wants to deal with is roof damage, but it’s a reality that many people have to face. Roof damage can often be caused by something as simple as tree branches blowing in the wind or hailstones crashing through your roof. If you are lucky, you may only need some minor repairs, but if not, the importance of an insurance claim becomes even more crucial.

If you’ve recently had some damage to your roof, whether from a storm or other incident, you may be wondering if you should make an insurance claim. The most important thing to note is that every insurance company and policy is different. The key to success is hiring a roofing contractor who can work with you through the process.

We Are the Insurance Specialists of the Triad

At Crossover Roofing, we are the insurance specialists of the Trad. We work with clients and insurance companies for damage to your roof. Not all roofing contractors and companies operate in the same manner, but here’s a bit of insight into how we help our clients work through the damage, insurance claim, and repair or replacement process.

Roof Warranty Claims

If your roof is fairly new and has sustained damage, it’s possible that you have a manufacturer warranty on the materials. Ideally, your roofing contractor will have talked to you about the warranty of the materials you chose and provided you with information on making a claim. As long as the materials were installed property per the manufacturer specs, clients shouldn’t need to worry about paying for any storm damage out of pocket. Keep in mind, you may first need to reach out to the warranty provider, then contact your roofing contractor to perform the warranty or replacement.

Roof Repairs

If you don’t have a warranty, roof repairs may be required for everything from minor damage (such as a few wind-blown shingles) to more major damage (such as a hole in the roof due to a fallen tree branch). Our team can work with your insurance representative to provide needed materials and speed along the process to making your repairs so that further damage does not occur to your roof and home.

Roof Replacement

Our team will be able to determine if the damage on your roof is extensive enough that it requires a full roof replacement and not just a few small repairs. We will inspect your roof thoroughly to make sure you are taking the appropriate action to protect your home and family. As the insurance specialists of the Triad, we can help you navigate your claim.

The Bottom Line

Before getting a new roof, it is important to understand the warranty that comes along with the materials and work. Of course, only use a licensed, insured roofing contractor who is experienced in both roof repair and replacement. Document any damage as soon as you safely can and trust Crossover Roofing to help you navigate your insurance claim.