The Benefits of Slate Roofing

You might have gotten tired of your house having the same look so instead of the typical paint jobs, you decide to re-roof. With so many types of roofing materials on the market, you can be overwhelmed with trying to pick the right one. Besides, each one has its advantages and disadvantages, but there is always something that will drive you to choose one over another. So, let’s help narrow your search by telling you about the benefits of slate roofing.


When it is properly installed, slate roofing can achieve a Class A fire rating; the highest rating a material can have because it is the least flammable. On material with such a rating, a flame spreads less than 6 feet, and it can resist igniting for up to four hours, through 15 cycles of a gas flame being turned on and off.

Wildfires can reduce your home to ashes in minutes because the roof is a large exposed area. Besides the rare incidences of wildfires, your home could also be at risk of burning down from fireworks, lightning strikes, bonfire embers, sparks from a neighboring house fire or chimney sparks. A slate roof provides the ideal solution for a fire-resistant roof.


The rate of global warming is going up at an alarming rate, and we can all do our part by being responsible homeowners. One way is by using eco-friendly products in our homes, and slate provides the ideal option. It is 100% natural meaning that it has the least impact on the environment. Also, it involves little pollution to the environment because it is obtained from quarries.

Therefore, it has the least manufacturing energy and lowest carbon imprint since there is very little fossil fuel needed to process it. Additionally, it needs no chemical processes to make it last longer. Once they are damaged, slates can be recycled or reused to add more beauty to your home through creating pathways or other projects. Slates also usually come in wooden crates that you can reuse.


Slate is the winner when you are searching for long-lasting roofing material. It has been praised for having the longest lifespan hence is commonly referred to as the “forever roof.” Unlike most artificial roofing materials, slate is a solid natural rock. It comes from sedimentary rock composed of volcanic ash or clay that has undergone a series of metamorphosis.

As a result, it is easy to conclude that slate is made up of materials dating back to millions of years ago. Consequently, slate roofing is durable, with a lifespan of 75 to 100 years or more, depending on where the slates were sourced from and how well you take care of your roof.

The depth from which slates are cut and source quarry determine the composition and density of the slate and thus affect the rate of deterioration. Other factors that affect the lifespan of slate include sun exposure, moisture buildup, roof pitch, building’s ventilation and mechanical damage exposure.

Low Maintenance

Although slate roofs can last a lifetime, you will have to maintain them lest the high initial cost of installing them will not be worth it. The great thing about this roofing material is it requires little maintenance; after all, rocks do not warp, rust or develop mold. Its density enhances its waterproofness, which makes it mold resistant.

Regular maintenance involves checking the roof at least once annually, preferably during the fall. Removing accumulated debris helps because, during winter, it can cause ice formation resulting in tile breakage. Avoid stepping on the roof a much as possible unless it is necessary. Also, always wear soft-soled shoes and stick to the middle of the slates.

Other slate roof maintenance tips include checking for leakages and addressing them immediately. Note that leaking could be from the gutters or flushing so have a roofing contractor check them first before going to the roof. A visual inspection is important since cracks and water stains are easily visible. Also, check the condition of the roof from the attic before heading to the rooftop.

Increases Home Resale Value

If you have been wondering why your home is fetching low prices in the market, perhaps potential buyers are not pleased with the current roof material or condition. While a new roof will increase home resale value by at least $12,000, a slate roof can go beyond this average. Homebuyers are looking for durability, beauty, low-maintenance, and environmentally-friendly roofing material, all of which a slate roof provides.

The aesthetic aspect especially affects home resale value. Slates come in different shapes, thicknesses, colors, patterns and textures. By choosing slates that complement the house’s other features, you will greatly improve the curb appeal.

Slate roofing has loads of benefits, but you can only enjoy them if a skilled roofing contractor installs them. If you live in or near Winston-Salem or Greensboro, NC, you can contact Crossover Roofing for a free estimate. Our licensed and qualified team has more than 25 years of combined experience. We cater to our customers’ needs by providing 100% financing and guarantee all our services that include roofing, gutters, siding, windows and doors.