Things to Consider for Door Replacement

door for door replacement

There are several things to consider when planning a door replacement in your home. It’s not just about picking out something pretty that matches your house color, although that does matter, but you want to make sure you’re choosing based quality, safety, and installation along with aesthetic

Here are a few standard things to keep in mind:

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a sure way to save money, so you may want to consider if your new doors are going to help you lower your heating and cooling in each season.

Your home tends to lose a lot of hot and cold are through doors that aren’t very energy efficient, but if you have a high quality door installed, then it will keep the heat and cold from escaping. This should influence the materials you choose in door replacement.


Think about the type of material you want your new doors to be. Some options include wood, fiberglass, and steel.

Wood doors are very classy but perhaps a little more expensive. Fiberglass, while it may not have the same level of class, are more affordable, require less maintenance, and still nice. Steel doors are very strong and work well for exterior doors.


Figure out what type of locks and hardware you will need to use for your doors; especially if you are thinking about the level of security with you exterior doors. Locks range in price based on the quality and strength, thus the amount of security, but you want to make sure it gives you peace of mind while also looking good and fitting into your budget.

Choosing the proper hardware is the best way to make sure your family and property is totally safeguarded.


Upon choosing styles and materials for your doors, you will need to decide if you want your new doors to swing inward or outward. As a rule of thumb, main doors leading outside swing inward for space and security reasons, however, this may vary based on preference or even weather conditions.

For example, someone who lives in an area prone to hurricanes may want an outward swinging door that is likely to be blown in, and one who lives in an area that gets heavy snow would do better to have an inward swinging door.

Ultimately, this is something that can be discussed with the people helping with your door replacement. Their expertise and advice will provide you the knowledge to make the best decision. 


For practical reasons, you should be considering the type of warranty you can get on the door and materials you choose. This is something you should be sure to ask about when you go to make any purchases.

Make sure the warranty is going to cover the installation of the door along with the materials used in installation. If the door is damaged within a month, you should be covered by the warranty. 


Finally, you should be sure to hire the very best company to do your door installation. First, check reviews and references. This is always the best way to find out what experiences other homeowners have had with the company. Make sure the sources of feedback are reliable and accurate.

Once you have decided on a company, don’t be afraid to ask them about their experience with door installations: how long they have been in business, if this is something they do frequently, if they can work with your specific preferences, etc. This is an important home renovation, and you want it done right. 

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