Tips for Maintaining Your Metal Roof

Metal Roof under construction

So you have a metal roof. Maybe you just got it installed or you’ve noticed some wear and tear. What now?

Here are several helpful tips for maintaining your metal roof:

Tip #1 Avoid Too Much Foot Traffic

It is important to remember that metal roofs are a little bit thinner than some other roofing materials; therefore, they are going to be more prone to being punctured or bent if stood on for a long period of time. 

Unnecessary foot traffic may also low spots and water ponding, which puts your roof at risk of leaks in the rain. Even just small dents in the roof can add up to quite a bit of money in repairs and the visual appeal of the roof will be altered. 

For this reason, it is also important that any repairs made should be done only by someone who has experience with metal roofs.

Tip #2 Watch for Debris

Keep an eye out for debris that may build up on your roof. This is true no matter the type of roof, but especially so for a metal roof because debris can cause breakdown on it more easily and can stain the roof. 

In order to clear debris, you can use a blower, water, or a stiff broom. Work from the top to the bottom, keeping an eye out for water pooling as well.

Tip #3 Keep the Gutters Clear

Clean out the gutters regularly. If the gutters do not have the ability to drain properly, they will back up and cause damage to your fascia system. 

In the winter months, this is especially important because any ice inside the gutter will try to invade the spaces that are under the metal. 

If the trees in your yard are mature, you will have to be extra diligent about this and will likely need to clean out the gutters a few times a year. 

Tip #4 Avoid Contact with Other Metals

A fourth tip for your maintaining your metal roof is to make sure that other metals are not going to have contact with your roof. Different metals can react with each other, which could cause corrosion or other damage.

When you have your metal roof installed or inspected, have the people in charge make sure that there are no metals which could react to one another, and if something occurs (a wind storm, for example) that could cause unexpected displacement of debris, double check your roof to make sure everything is in place.

Tip #5 Check Fasteners Frequently

On a regular basis, take time to check the fasteners used to secure the metal roof to the framing of your house. These fasteners have a tendency to become loose over time, especially on the edges of the roof.

If fasteners remain loose, wind could get underneath the metal and cause significant damage to the metal roof. 

The easiest way to check for loose fasteners is to stand at a point where you can look up at your roof on a slope angle. Generally you will be able to see the fasteners protruding and tell that they are loose. For a closer look, climb up a ladder or even use binoculars. 

If you find any loose fasteners, you should have them fixed or replaced as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Tip #6 Check Sealants

The sixth tip is to check the sealants and boots on the roof. When the roof has been exposed to a lot of different weather elements, it can cause the silicone sealants and boots to degrade. This means that you should check for routine wear.

Pay extra attention to the valleys, skylights, and chimneys––places that might leak. 

Tip #7 Remove Snow Buildup

If you live in an area that gets snow, you may get some snow buildup on your roof on occasion. Make sure that you remove any ice and snow buildup from your roof, taking every precaution, of course. 

If there is a lot of snow on your roof, it can cause damage to the framing.

Most of the time, people use a snow rake to remove snow. If you choose to do so, make sure you are using one that is safe to use on the metal. Scratching the surface of the roof could cause rusting over time.

We want to remind you that working on your roof can be dangerous. Please take every precaution if you choose to do any work yourself; and if you hire out, be sure to only hire someone who is an expert in the field, especially in working with metal roofs.

If you are looking to have work done on your metal roof and are still looking for a reliable contractor, contact us for a free estimate.