What Should I Know About Gutter Replacement Services Before Calling a Contractor?

People living in North Carolina, especially in the Triad which includes the cities of Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point, know all too well about the torrential rain that won’t let up for days at a time. This kind of rain is difficult for undersized or improperly installed gutters to handle effectively.

Instead, they overflow quickly and create avalanches of heavy rainwater pouring down on flowers, shrubs, and your lawn. It creates unsightly gullies in your yard that only get worse over time and become a major headache, especially after subsequent rainstorms.

Among the many considerations necessary to correct gutter problems is a proper diagnosis of the location of the gutter installation by a reputable gutter contractor, and the sizes of the various parts of the system.

Important Considerations for Gutter Installation

It’s very common to find gutters installed improperly. Your local gutter company, Crossover Roofing, employs professional installers who have the tools and materials necessary for a top-notch job. Gutters sized for your home, and the slope of your roof, shouldn’t overload quickly like many do regularly.

That’s a sure sign they’re clogged or undersized and using inferior products. When combined with poor installation, trouble is just around the corner. A correct gutter installation begins with quality materials sized for your home. Every home is different and requires different products to achieve a properly functioning gutter system.

Costs of having your gutters replaced varies with the thickness of the material, the size and shape, and any additional features that you add to the system. It’s always best to go with a thicker gutter because it’s sturdier and will last longer. The drawback is that as you venture into heavy-duty materials, the cost increases.

Typical aluminum gutter systems range in thickness from .019” to .032”. Because a gutter contractor can make aluminum seamless gutters to any length on-site, we recommend an experienced professional perform the installation. Most people choose seamless gutters because they have no seams and are less likely to leak from weak seams as in past designs.

Choosing the size of the opening of the gutter, either five or six inches typically, together with standard downspouts of either 2 X 3 inches or 3 X 4 inches, form the foundation of a proper system.

What’s the Best Size Gutter System for Your Home?

Before making a final decision about your gutter replacement project, contact us at Crossover Roofing, we’ll look at your home and suggest the best gutter solution for your situation. We’ll discuss how much rain you typically receive in your area and look at your roof pitch, too. A steep roof needs a larger gutter, and if your home has many trees that drop leaves onto the roof also requires a larger gutter to allow leaves and heavy rain to pass through easily without clogging or overflowing.

We take immense pride in the quality of work at Crossover Roofing and leave nothing to chance when we’re improving your home’s performance. During the gutter installation, we will adjust the pitch of your gutter system so rainwater flows to the downspouts for efficient drainage. We’ve seen gutters installed perfectly level, causing overflowing and severe clogging from leaves and helicopter seeds to name a few.

If your gutters extend longer than 35 feet, we will peak the gutter in the middle to allow drainage to each end of the system, into downspouts attached at the ends, and ensure the rainwater drains away from your foundation at every downspout location.

Gutter Maintenance

The summer rains in the Wilmington and Triad areas of North Carolina can cause several problems with the structural integrity of your home if it’s left unchecked. Just as important is gutter maintenance. Moisture is an ongoing problem, especially with gutters. If water can’t drain completely, the water left standing becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Aside from pests causing a problem with your gutters, the age of your gutters also plays a role in deciding on a replacement. You might not realize it, but your gutters wear down and start to sag and leak, causing other damage.

If you see signs of aging, especially when they reach about 15 years old, have them inspected by a gutter company like Crossover Roofing. Your gutter system might show corrosion as indicated by spots on the outside or at the bottom of the troughs. If you see this, you may want to consider a gutter replacement.

We’ve noticed on several occasions where a home’s siding warps or it shows damage from sagging or falling gutters. That’s a sure sign something serious lurks behind the gutters causing the problem. Look for water stains or paint falling off. These indicate a problem you should address right away.

Whenever you notice during your inspection holes in the gutters, they typically lead to water running down the side of your home instead of the downspout where it belongs. That moisture leads to more infestations of insects, creating more problems.

Keep in mind that leaking or overloaded gutters will cause damage to the interior of your home, eventually. Cracks, stains, or peeling paint from your ceilings may show a serious problem stemming from damage or a worn-out gutter system that needs maintenance or replacement as soon as possible.

Remember to contact Crossover Roofing if you find unusual signs of wear or other damage to your gutter system. If you see strange cracks or falling paint from your ceiling, please call us immediately. We’ll stop out and assess the damage, and advise you on a course of action to remedy the situation.