Why Spring Is the Perfect Time to Replace Your Windows

Window replacement can be motivated by various reasons, with some people looking to improve the look and appearance of their windows while others need to update their windows for security and functionality purposes. Upgrading your windows this spring can be a sure way of increasing your home’s property value and comfort while reducing your energy bills. Here are some of the advantages that make spring the ideal time for window replacement.

Improve quality of life before summer

As stated before, spring is a very popular time for home renovation and remodeling projects. This is probably the best time to get ready for summer activities. Summer is marked by various fun activities, including visits from friends and relatives. This means that people will be moving in and out of the house, often making it difficult to execute the project without interfering with the rest of the household.

Aside from getting that fresh new look, these replacements help reduce some of the maintenance costs you may have to shoulder. New windows could be the upgrade your home needs in readiness for the busy summer.

Longer days for faster installation

Spring is known for longer days and more daylight, hence more time in the evening for the contractors to get the work going late into the evening. When working with professionals, they tend to work around the clock to get the job done and avoid inconveniences to the homeowner. However, due to limited daylight, they may be forced to cut their work short in the fall/winter, meaning a longer period for completion. The best thing about spring is that your team has more hours to get the work done.

Keep in mind that spring typically offers the best weather of the four seasons. During spring, there is moderate heat, low humidity, and cloudy days all of which are perfect conditions to get the job done in record time.

Take advantage of your tax return to fund the project

When you have extra cash, your mind tends to wander off towards getting yourself a gift, say a new vehicle, clothing, or household appliance. It is advisable to evaluate your needs, and how best to spend the extra cash flow you are receiving during this period. One of the best choices is to go for home upgrades, including your windows. The savings with efficiency means your dollars will go even futher.

Lower the utility bill in readiness for the hot summer weather

Summer in the Triad, North Carolina is known for recording some of the highest temperatures. This means that your air conditioning system will probably be on overdrive to keep the home cool enough. Old windows and poorly installed windows pose a challenge of keeping cool air inside and warm air out. You are bound to spend a lot when it comes to energy bills to get a cool and comfortable home.

With summer around the corner, you probably need to properly seal and insulate your home from the hot summer climate. The window is a good place to start to either repair cracks in the window or replace the entire window. Getting the best windows installed by professionals can help reduce energy loss, thus securing your home for the summer weather.

Beat the rush

Due to the various offers and benefits that come with window replacement in spring, this time period can become a very busy time for installers and suppliers. We encourage everyone to make an appointment with their installers sooner rather than later.


Spring can still be moderately cool; hence installing the windows during this period gives you a chance to address any maintenance issues that may arise during the warm climate of summer. This way, you can notice and prevent problems to the installation before they escalate.

It’s a consensus that spring is the best time to get new windows. However, you need to keep in mind that this is a very busy time for service providers; hence you need to get your appointment on time in order to enjoy all the benefits that come with installing new windows during spring. Contact us at Crossover Roofing to schedule a free estimate for your new windows.