Why Summer is the Best Time to Upgrade Your Windows

When the cold wind rushes through your house in the winter months, it’s hard not to think about how you need new windows. But once the weather warms up and those cold drafts start to disappear, it’s easy to forget that replacement until the next winter wind comes around.

The truth is that summer is the best season for window replacement. At Crossover Roofing of Winston-Salem, NC, we’re ready to help you enjoy the many benefits that a new set of windows can offer.

The Weather Is Perfect

Summer is the best time to replace your windows because there aren’t any cold drafts to enter your home. Your windows can’t be replaced unless they’re removed – and that means your house will be vulnerable until the new ones are put into place.

Window replacement generally takes between 1 to 2 hours. During this short time, your house will be partially exposed to the elements. That’s why the Crossover Roofing team always makes sure to schedule our appointments for times when the weather is warm and the skies are dry. Summer weather is almost always perfect for these circumstances; even on a hot day, you probably won’t notice that the windows have been removed until after the job is done.

Seasonal weather can also make window replacement dangerous for the installation team. If it’s raining or snowing, the glass could slip and fall during transportation. Cold fingers are also less likely to keep their grip; even if the installer is a professional, they’ll do a better job when the weather is warm. No matter where you live, summertime is almost always the best time for window installations.

The Noise Reduction Is Impressive

Summers are loud. With birds chirping, dogs barking, kids playing, and cars driving by, there’s a lot going on outside your house. But since summer is also the time when most people get the chance to sleep in, you probably don’t always want to hear the joyful din coming from your early-bird neighbors.

Believe it or not, old windows can let a surprising amount of sound into your home. Every air leak is also a potential sound leak; if all of your windows are ancient, this amount of sound can seriously add up. Plus, sound tends to build up in indoor environments. The neighbors might think they’re being considerate, but that won’t stop the rev of their lawnmower echoing repeatedly through your bedroom.

Many people are surprised when the order new windows for energy purposes and end up with a quieter and more peaceful home. But uncracked glass and tight seals are the recommended solutions for ambient sound leaks, which means that your brand-new windows are the ticket to more quiet and restful weekend mornings.

The Cooling Bill Will Be Lower

One of the primary reasons to replace your windows is that a tightly sealed home costs less to heat. But insulation works both ways, and getting new windows is certain to have a positive impact on your cooling bill.

The Energy Department estimates that old windows are responsible for about 30% of heating and cooling costs. Just as hot air leaks through a poorly-sealed window in the winter, so can cold air leak through that same gap during the middle of July. You have to pay to replace that temperature-controlled air, and in most cases, it will just leak back out again. With high energy bills and an overheated house, you might start to dread the summer months.

Luckily, a tight window seal will completely prevent this from happening. After your new windows have been installed, you might find that you only need to run the air conditioner for a few moments before the entire room is cool. Then, you can turn your AC off and enjoy both the savings and your cool, shady living space.

In some cases, your windows may need to be resealed instead of being replaced. The most important thing is to stop the air from leaking out, but you can also benefit from windows that have energy-efficient designs. The professionals at Crossover Roofing will be happy to evaluate your current windows and recommend either a repair or a replacement.

The View Will Be Amazing

Summer mornings are best spent drinking iced tea while looking out your kitchen window. But if your window is old and cracked, you might not be able to get the tranquil view you’re looking for. Summer doesn’t last forever; if you want those views, you’ll need to replace your windows while the days are still long.

A brand-new window will always be clearer, brighter, and easier to clean than its outdated counterpart. A new window can let in more natural light, allowing you to further save on electricity costs by keeping the light off until evening rolls around. And thanks to modern tilted and easy-clean window designs, you’ll be able to keep your new window shiny and gorgeous with minimal effort.

If you need a new set of windows for your home, don’t hesitate to call Crossover Roofing of Winston-Salem, NC. We’ll be happy to help you find a window solution that lowers your heating and cooling costs and makes sure that your home is comfortable throughout the entire year. Contact us to schedule a free estimate today.